In South Africa, all issues pertaining to the transfer of ownership of land as well as the use and enjoyment thereof is registered by the Registrar of Deeds. Whilst this system is complex and highly regulated, the system affords land owners certainty as to their title in and to the land.

We appreciate the value of your property and the role that such property plays in your private or commercial sphere. For this reason, our property and conveyancing division are geared to effer you expert advice and assistance on all facets of property related issues including:


  • Commercial property transactions.
  • Transfers of ownership of property including freehold, leasehold and sectional title properties, together with registration of mortgage bonds over such properties.
  • Dealings with property including sub-divisions, partitions and consolidations of properties as well as rectifications, expropriations and registration of servitudes against immovable property.
  • Residential, commercial and industrial developments.
  • Change of ownership together with internal restructuring in property holding companies, close corporations and trusts.
  • Negotiation, drafting and supervision of all property related work including options, lease agreements, building contracts, development agreements, shareholders and joint venture agreements.
  • Drafting and executing Leases.
  • Excission/Incision of Properties.
  • Establishment of Townships.
  • Opening of Sectional Title Registers.
  • Sectional Title Development Schemes.
  • Cluster House Development Schemes.
  • General commercial developments, including the establishment of shopping centres and factories.
  • General conveyancing transactions.
  • Cancellation and cessions of mortgage bonds.
  • Agreements for the Sale and Purchase of properties “off Plan”.
  • Building Contracts.
  • General and Special Powers of Attorney required both for registration purposes and rezoning applications.


Our clients are commercial and residential developers, commercial and residential estate agents as well as major banking and financial institutions.

Viljoen-French & Chester Inc. runs a department which is capable of providing assistance and advice in respect of matters requiring notarial execution, such as:


  • Registration of Notarial General/Special Bonds.
  • Registration of Notarial Leases.
  • Registration of Notarial Tie Agreements, Servitudes, Usufructs and matters pertaining thereto.
  • Registration of Antenuptial Contracts.
  • Protesting of Bills.
  • Notarial Certification of Documents.