Viljoen-French & Chester optimally utilises state-of-the-art information technology (IT) driven support systems available to streamline all debt recovery processes to provide clients with outcome driven results as well as providing information to our clients on such matters in the most expedient manner possible.


We offer debt recovery options on tariff and contingency based relating to on balance sheet debt as well as post-write-off debt. The firm offers a call centre to facilitate debt recovery through offering high levels of productivity without the cost of the client itself having to provide capital outlay in establishing its own debt recovery call centre. This is the first step in managing delinquent portfolios on behalf of our clients.


A network of information providers and databases relating to property, company and close corporation searches, as well as credit profiling and propensity to collect/recover ratios allow us to advise our clients with the utmost speed and certainty thereby allowing our clients to make crucial decisions in managing their debtors.


This call centre is suitably dovetailed with the litigation department to continue the debt recovery process to finalization and collection of outstanding debt.


Throughout the debt recovery process, our attention is firmly fixed on Age Analysis of the debt handed over as well as the costs involved in recovery of the debt.